A Brief History of Plumbing


If you have ever looked into plumbing repair, you will realize that it has a long and varied history, depending on where you look. Residential plumbing in Little Rock, Arkansas has been very important for ensuring the health of the general public.

Many people don’t realize that stopped up drains and other similar problems have been around since the advent of plumbing around 8000 years ago. The original water pipe repair was not done on metal and PVC pipes; instead, it was done on pipes made out of clay and straw. These original pipes needed a lot more maintenance, and were more apt to get roots stuck in the system. That’s how rooter service started.

Some principles of commercial plumbing in Little Rock, Arkansas have not changed. In general, plumbing systems work by pushing clean water through the pipes by using pressure on one end. The fixtures that allow the water to run into the home or business have changed, but there was usually something that turned the water “on” and “off” when you wanted to use it.

The water wasn’t always clean; filtration systems have changed over the years and water is much cleaner than it used to be. Toilets and bathtubs are relatively recent additions as well, and now you find running water in almost every home. As you can see, plumbing in Little Rock, Arkansas has changed a lot over its history, and it will continue to change as technology advances.