Adding New Drains to Your Pipe Setup


There are a few approaches to go. That minimal rectangular box is a cleanout plug. It’s metal. On the off chance that you can unscrew it incredible – if not remove the square with a Sawzall and you will observe that it’s empty. At that point slice from the middle out to the strings in pie segments. Peel the attachment out of the female strings. In case you’re fortunate it will be 3″. Fasten a 3″ male connector and show on out… However it might be 3 1/2″ which is no more made. Utilize a 5″ by 3″ Fernco chime with the 5″ over the center point of the cleanout. Bramble down with a 3″; by 2″bush in the 3″ end of the Fernco and you’re home once more.

The other route is to take an area out of the cast pipe, utilize Fernco’s around a PVC or ABS Sanitary Tee (whatever your state employments). That 6″ iron pipe is in all probability 4″ cast. You can cut it with a Sawzall or snap it with a wrench cutter that is made to cut cast iron. You might need to lease or ask for one. Make sure that on the off chance that you take an area out of the cast, that the upper segment of the pipe is bolstered so entire thing does not come smashing down.

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