Assembling a Copper Pipe Joint


Brush plumbing flux on the scraped surfaces and collect the joint. Move the fire around the joint to warmth it uniformly (principle photograph). I lean toward MAPP (methyl acetylene-propadiene) gas to propane since it warms the joint all the more rapidly.

The copper will get glossy as the flux liquefies. After a minute, the copper will dull as the flux sizzles and starts to smoke. This flags it’s a great opportunity to apply solder. Presently, move the fire away and touch without lead plumbing solder to the joint. In the event that the joint is flat, begin at the base. Climb the joint, over its top and down the other side — you’ll see the solder wick in. For vertical joints, move the solder around the joint, being certain to cover it uniformly. In the wake of soldering, I jump at the chance to clean the joint by applying some flux while the copper is still warm, then wiping it altogether with a perfect cloth.

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