Bathroom Remodel Needs and Wants


We need a sink in our bathrooms. We need a toilet. We need lighting. We need cabinets. Then, depending if you are remodeling a half or full bathroom, there are certain amenities we all wish we had. Some examples that come to mind are his and her sinks, a larger mirror, a glass shower, a relaxing bathtub and numerous other bathroom designs that come in higher-end bathroom remodels. Sadly, budget or spacing concerns force homeowners to make tough decisions.

Before jumping into your next bathroom renovation project, homeowners need to decide which amenities they absolutely need and what amenities they want. For example, if this is the common bathroom outside the living room, it may be nice to have surrounding mirrors, but given the location and purpose, the mirrors are not needed. Then again, if you decide to remodel the family bathroom upstairs, you may need two or three cabinets for storage that wouldn’t necessarily be needed for other bathrooms around the home. Home improvement projects are often about give and take. Before starting your next bathroom remodeling project, homeowners need to decide which updates you absolutely need, as opposed to the ones you want.

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