Can You Protect a Well From Freezing Over?


There are a number of things that you can do in order to protect your well from freezing – and this is a big deal, especially during the coldest of months.

Put a light bulb in the well house. Place it near the pump, and leave it on during cold weather. A 100-watt bulb makes a great little space heater. Make sure the light can’t get knocked over or set something on fire. If the light stays on 24 hours a day through the winter months, you’ll spend about $3-$5 a month.

You may want to inspect your well house or box before the weather turns bad. Make sure there are no drafty holes, broken windows or missing insulation. Put heat tape on the pump and plumbing. (Follow directions on the package.) Heat tape made specifically for this purpose is available at most hardware stores. Plug in the heat tape. Initial costs may be $10-$30, depending on how much exposed pipe you have. Heat tape will be pretty reliable as long as the power stays on.

You can attempt to weatherize the well house. Install new weather stripping, caulk and repair the roof. Add insulation if you didn’t have it before. Put in new insulation, if the existing material has been damaged. You may want to install a thermostatically controlled space heater. Set it at 45-50 degrees. The heater may or may not use more electricity than the other options out there. And if it gets colder than usual or your power goes out, you may have to check things out.

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