Common Causes for Plumbing Visits


If you live in a home, you have probably had to call for plumbing repair at some point in time. And that’s okay; everyone has to get water pipe repair and maintenance several times throughout their time in a residence. What are the common causes that plumbers have to visit homes? Here are some of the most common:

  • If a home uses lawn sprinklers, they may need to call the plumber to come in and repair the RPZ valve for water sprinklers. This valve is what makes sure that the water you use for the lawn doesn’t flow back into the general water supply. They may just wear out after a couple years and need to be replaced.
  • Emergency plumbing repair is probably one of the most common reasons that people have to call for plumbing in Little Rock, Arkansas. This could include almost anything, from the kitchen sink to the bathroom to the hose outside.
  • Plumbing for remodeling is another important reason. Many people will remodel their bathrooms and think they can do the plumbing on their own, only to end up with a visit from the plumber that was more expensive than if they’d just called the plumber in the beginning.

There are other reasons, of course, but many plumbers will tell you that they get calls for these items more than any other type of call.