Copper vs. Plastic in Pupes


You’re looking to upgrade and/or replace some of the pipes in your home. The question is, with so many options out there, how are you supposed to know which ones are actually going to help you? Are there options that are better than others? Many people will argue about whether plastic or copper is the superior choice – so, what’s the verdict?

In many professionals’ opinion, copper rules in most situations (unless you have low pH or aggressive water)! Over time, the plastic can sometimes sag and possibly get brittle. If it needs to be repaired or altered in any way, the pipe will have to be glued and you will have no water until it dries. Copper – you can solder, turn it on, test it and know that all is well. Any plastic to metal connection is weak, such as where the water heater connection is made. Additionally, mice and rats love many plastics. They chew on it to keep their teeth from growing through their lower jaw. So, with those things in mind, you may want to think a bit more before you just settle for plastic options.

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