Dealing with a Broken Hot Water Heater


Turn off the cold water line that nourishes your water warmer. This valve ought to be straightforwardly over the water radiator. On the off chance that it doesn’t close off totally, kill the principle close off valve to the house.

Turn off the gas or power to the water radiator.

Gas Water Heater – The gas line for a Gas Water Heater is a dark or yellow pipe that interfaces with the water warmer gas valve (the container close to the base of the water radiator with the temperature choice dial). The gas valve regularly has a red handle. Turn this valve 90 degrees to stop it.

Electric Water Heater – Shut off the electrical switch for the Electric Water Heater in the electrical board.

On the off chance that the leaking water is not hurrying to a story channel, interface a garden hose to the channel valve at the base of the radiator and run it to the closest area where you can drain it. The channel valve will have either a handle like an outside fixture or a screwdriver stop, in which case you will require a level screwdriver to open the valve.

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