Dealing with your Tub Faucet


There are a lot of different issues that could happen with your tub faucet. While some will need a plumber to come in and do plumbing repair or water pipe repair, others can easily be fixed by someone with minimal experience in residential plumbing in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Most faucets are easy to take apart. Take the cap of the faucet, unscrew everything, and then take off the escutcheon in order to be able to access the inside of the faucet. In some of these faucets, you’ll have to replace the cartridge – in others, you’ll just have to replace the packing nut. Take the time to figure out exactly what you need to fix or replace, and do research on the type of tub faucet that you have. Then, you’ll be able to deal with it without worrying about causing problems for the rest of your plumbing.

In some cases, you may have a plumbing emergency that makes it difficult for you to take care of the issue on your own. If that happens, then you’re going to want to call our plumbers so that we can take care of your plumbing in Little Rock, Arkansas. We take care of all sorts of plumbing issues, so you can feel comfortable that we’ll be able to take care of your problem without any issues.