Exploring Cross-linked Polyethylene


Cross-linked Polyethylene, usually referred to as PEX, is commonly used in projects where someone has to try and retrofit with older pipe setups. Let’s take a quick look at PEX here.

PEX can be wound into dividers effectively, so it’s incredible for retrofitting. One bit of PEX can stretch out over the whole house, bending around corners and obstacles, with no creases. What’s more, where a joint is required, there’s no binding necessary for it to work. The pipe — and the joints — have held up well all through the item’s 30-year history, however PEX wasn’t generally utilized until around 10 years ago.

There’s exploration connecting the procedure used to make PEX with methyl tertiary butyl ether, a poison found in gas. However, this isn’t the case with modern PEX that is being made, so it may not have the environmental impact that it used to have. Further research needs to be done in order to confirm that this is not an issue for the environment, but if it is not, it could end up being incredibly cost efficient to use.

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