Have You Looked at Your Ductwork Lately?


Ductwork is one of those things that we know is there, but we don’t really look at it a lot if we don’t need to. So, why do you have to start thinking about it during the summer months?

In humid weather, your ductwork may sweat from condensation. This can cause a backup if the drains are not clear. Leaks in the seams can also cause condensation. If you have an attic installation, be sure there is no water in the drain pan.

Why does this matter? Well, if there are any things that you could be dealing with in your home, you don’t want to end up with a leaky ceiling, right? Well, if the ductwork isn’t doing what it should be, you would end up with a hole in the ceiling if you let it go too long. So, if you notice that there’s extra water, call in a plumber to take a peek.

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