How Do Plumbers Do Sewer Line Repair?


There are a number of ways that plumbers perform sewer line repair, many of which involve some elbow grease and a bit of time. Many times, your plumbing in Little Rock, Arkansas will need regular maintenance so that it works correctly, so it’s important to understand what plumbers do in terms of plumbing repair.

First off, they will come in and look at the sewage system, or at least the area around it. If they notice any odd smells or any waste coming through the ground, they know that something isn’t right, and that your system is likely in need of emergency plumbing repair.

Some plumbers will come in and do a smoke test in order to see if they can find the areas that have cracks or improper connection (they will do this for water pipe repair, in some cases). They will blow smoke into the line in question and see where it comes out. That will help them find the really small cracks and breaks early on, as well.

Then, there are a few ways that plumbers will perform rooter service for your sewer line. They may use a jet washer, which uses pressure to get the roots out and the pipes clean. Other plumbers may use chemical root treatment to kill the roots. Either way, the work they do will ensure that your sewer lines are working correctly again.