How Do Plumbers Get Training?


Plumbers actually have to go through a lot of training in order to be able to practice plumbing in Little Rock, Arkansas. Here is a simple, step-by-step process that can give you a better idea as to how it works.

  1. A potential plumber gets accepted to a training program and/or apprenticeship. During this training period, they will learn about all types of plumbing repair, including water pipe repair, sewer line repair, toilet repair, and even gas piping repair. It lasts up to two years.
  2. The plumber completes their program and then applies for licensure, which involves taking an exam and paying a fee in order to get their license.
  3. For the first three years or more, the journeyman plumber will work with a master plumber or plumbing contractor so that they can learn a number of other tasks, and get some more hands-on experience that they couldn’t have gotten during their apprenticeship or training.
  4. The journeyman plumber has to take a couple of courses and then apply to become a master plumber or plumbing contractor, which also requires an exam and a fee. As a master plumber or plumbing contractor, they can work on their own on different types of plumbing repair and even help install plumbing into new buildings or remodels.

Plumbers go through all of this so that they can give their clients the best service possible, while ensuring that they have the proper training to do everything a plumber should be able to do.