Leak in Your Shower/Bath?


We see this all the time and nine times out of ten it’s the grout or a broken pan under the shower. Before whatever else, I attempt to figure out whether the leak is consistent or if it is intermittent. In the event that it is steady there is a decent risk the leak is in the pressurized water lines. Typically the leak is intermittent so I have a progression of tests that I perform to track it down. In some cases a speedy visual assessment of the tile will demonstrate that the grout is shot and is the in all likelihood reason for the leak however I will regularly finish whatever remains of my tests no doubt.

What I do is first fill the tub midway and drain it. This will let me know whether it’s in the drain pipe. For a shower with a lead or vinyl pan I obstruct the drain and fill the base with water. This will let me know whether the pan leaks. At that point I evacuate the shower head and put a 1/2″ top on the shower arm and turn on the water. This will let me know whether there is a leak in the pipe between the shower valve and the shower arm.

On the off chance that no leak has appeared by then, I have a tendency to think the leak is water seeping through the tile because of awful grouting or that water is getting away from the shower and going down through imperfections in the restroom floor. I can check this by taping up a plastic dropcloth inside the shower covering all the tile work and having the client utilize the shower typically for a day or two. In the event that the leak has all of a sudden vanished then we know it getting through the tile. Some water on the floor will demonstrate a leak through bad tile or a split floor base. In the event that none of this works, it’s an ideal opportunity to open the dividers.

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