Reduce Pressure to Extend Pipe Life


As pleasant as high water pressure can be the point when you’re taking a shower or filling a stockpot, it puts a lot of strain on your pipes, making it more likely that your pipes will leak and even burst.

You can gauge your water weight with a hose gauge, which is generally reasonable when it comes to pricing. Join it to an outside nozzle and open the line. Typical pressure should be somewhere around 40 and 85 psi.

In the event that it’s over that range, think about hiring one of our plumbers to come in and introduce a pressure reducer. These devices are a bit more advanced than the hose gauge, and can make it so that you can fine tune the pressure easily.

Incidentally, you won’t decrease weight by introducing a low-stream shower head—it just influences the measure of water leaving the shower head itself. This can help to reduce the amount of water that you’re using, so they can still be a good idea.

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