Removing Your Old Bathtub


Uprooting your old tub won’t not be basic. On the off chance that it’s solid metal, you’ll require some muscle to get it out of way. In the event that it’s in great condition, you could offer it online or give it to a ReStore outlet. In place tile and any apparatuses likewise can be given or sold to stores that offer building materials that are still in good condition, but aren’t being used anymore.

Before you start the process of removing your tub, you ought to:

  • Assess the state of existing pipes and supplant if you find it necessary to do so.
  • Check encircling and subfloor for mold, buildup, and decay, and repair as required. That way you don’t have to uproot everything again later.
  • Ensure your shower valve is in great condition — this is the ideal opportunity to move up to a solitary handle, weight adjusting valve that controls temps and volume ($100 to $160 extra, but it’s well worth the change.

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