“Short Cycling” and Automatic Pumps


There are some people that call us with an issue that includes the automatic pumps in their home turning on and off all of the time. They wonder if there is a way to make it go longer or if they are stuck with the pump the way that it is. Let’s try to explore this concept so that you can see what is going on here.

This “short-cycling” is a function of the basin diameter and the “on/off” pumping range, and can decrease the service life of a switch assembly. Since the basin is in the ground, it is unlikely that it can be enlarged. And if you have an automatic unit which has a self contained float switch, the “on/off” pumping range cannot be adjusted. But with a non-automatic switch-controlled unit, you can have flexibility in the pumping range adjustment. If this occurs, an automatic unit can be converted to operate with an external pump switch, which will expand its pumping range and decrease the amount of short cycling. Installing a check valve in the discharge line will also help decrease short-cycling in most cases. We can help you to do that easily.

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