Should I Have a Backup Sump Pump?


Your sump pump is an important part of your home, ensuring that excess water and such aren’t going to flood the lower levels of your home. That being said, storms with flooding can often make it so that you don’t have power in your home, and this can bring its own set of problems for your sump pump.

The question is, then – should you have a backup plan? The answer is yes. Here are two of the most common solutions.

  • Get a battery pack that attaches to your sump pump in some way and set it so that it will kick on when the power goes on. If you think this is a good option for you, consider looking for a newer model that has one attached.
  • A backup sump pump is also a good idea, and make sure that’s battery powered as well. Why? Mainly, because not only is it going to help if the power goes out, it can also kick on if your main sump pump breaks for some reason.

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