Learn More About Hard Water


In the event that your water has a high mineral count—known as hard water—it can abbreviate the lifespan of your home’s pipes, bringing about leaking. Those  minerals, generally magnesium or calcium, develop inside the pipes and makes it harder for the water to flow.

Hard water can happen anyplace, it’s most often found in the Southwest and parts of the Northeast. A white buildup on shower heads and fixtures is an indication of hard water. On the other hand, if your home gets government water, you can figure out how hard it is. By law, each district must record a yearly water quality report with the Environmental Protection Agency.

On the off chance that you have a well, check your latest water test report for hardness data. Anything more than 140 sections for each million is viewed as hard water.

 The best way to successfully manage hard water is by introducing a water conditioner. Most utilize sodium to balance the minerals in your water, yet new electronic conditioners use electromagnetic signals to break down minerals, and have the benefit of not adding minerals to your water.

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