What Do You Use Your Kitchen For?


When you’re talking to our plumbers about your kitchen remodel, you may be trying to figure out how you’re putting everything together as well. What are you going to be using your kitchen for? Here are some thoughts about the process.

  • If you see it as an entertainment zone, a kitchen island will likely play a big role in the design. If you want to cook and clean there, you’ll want a stovetop and sink too, which can affect the other work zones in the room.
  • If you prefer privacy while you cook, a smaller kitchen with a tighter work triangle may be what you need. And if you wish for the kitchen to be integrated with the living area, make the entryways large but consider how much of your kitchen work area you want to have visible from other rooms.
  • If the kitchen has access to the backyard, consider how the two spaces can work together. Upgraded windows that are easy to open may encourage you to engage with the outdoor space more.
  • If the kitchen doesn’t have an outdoor connection, this is an opportunity to explore options to incorporate one. Could your kitchen open to a patio? Large sliding glass doors offer good indoor-outdoor flow. Or would a mudroom that opens to a side yard better suit your site and lifestyle?

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