What Does Your Plumber Need to Know?


When you have a plumbing emergency, your plumber is going to need to know a few things so that they can bring the right tools for the job. Here are a few of the things you should be able to answer when you call your plumber.

  • Where does the problem seem to be coming from? Is it from a stopped up drain, or is it coming from the sump pumps outside?
  • Are there any leaks that may indicate that you need some sort of water pipe repair?
  • Are there any odd smells or noises that may indicate that there is something else wrong, like part of the gas system that has broken and is in need of gas piping repair?
  • When did the problem start? Have you tried to do anything since then in order to try and reduce the impact of the issue?
  • What room is the problem located in? Are you talking about an issue that is in the bathroom, or are you trying to correct an issue that is going on in the basement?
  • Is there any flooding that is associated with the incident in any way, and therefore may need to be cleaned up?
  • Have you turned the water off?

By having the answer to these questions when you call, it will be easier for your plumber to come and fix your plumbing in Little Rock, Arkansas. The quicker we can fix the issue, the better it is for you!