What Should I Do With a Leaky Faucet?


Step 1 – Turn off the water! As there is nothing more regrettable than endeavoring to unscrew a channel loaded with water, it is constantly encouraged to start a pipes venture with the principle water supply killed.

Step 2 – What a considerable measure of non-handymen don’t know is that a spigot handle is really hung on by just a watchfully put screw. In many homes, this implies under a level brightening surface on the top or back of the handle is a little lock for one to pry off with a screwdriver, uncovering the screw beneath. Fix this screw and look inside for a potential reason for the break.

Step 3 – If all seems well to this point, the following step is to supplant the washer and o-ring within the handle itself, in the request in which the handle was dismantled.

Step 4 – Put your fixture handles back together and turn on the water. The reason a spilling fixture is so normal is that the washer, o-rings, and numerous as often as possible utilized parts of the apparatus get exhausted and free their viability with time. This basic substitution will alter the larger part of such cases.

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