What to Do When Your Pipes Freeze


A hairdryer (or heat gun) can be a gift from heaven when your pipes are frigid. On the off chance that hot clothes aren’t doing the trap, take a stab at blowing hot air specifically on the pipes. Vital note: You would prefer not to utilize a blow torch or anything that delivers direct flares, which can harm your pipes and transform a solidified funnel into a surprisingly more terrible catastrophe. You’re attempting to liquefy the ice — not your pipes.

Have your pipes officially frozen? Turn off the water quickly. (Ideally you know where the stop is, however in the event that not, currently’s an ideal opportunity to discover it!) Make beyond any doubt to cut off any outer water sources, similar to garden hose hookups. This will keep more water from filling the framework, adding more ice to the heap, and in the long run blasting your pipes — the most dire outcome imaginable. This additionally will help when the water defrosts; the exact opposite thing you need after at last settling your solidified pipes is for water to surge the framework.

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