Which Toilet Type is Best?


All toilets that pass the ASME standards tests should work the same. The true test of whether a toilet -or anything- works as it should in the real world. Many people cannot definitively tell you which toilets work and which don’t. Many plumbers have wildly differing opinions about which is the best gravity-flush toilet. There are a few other things to consider before spending money on a new commode.

Many people suggest that homeowners buy rounded-bowl toilets instead of the elongated variety. They work better and, if you use them a lot, they end up lasting much longer as well.

A new feature of modern toilets is the advent of one-piece toilets, which cost more than two piece toilets because they’re harder to make. Otherwise, there is no significant difference between one-piece and two-piece toilets. They all flush the same way. In fact, some plumbers argue that the higher-tank two-piece toilets actually flush better than the more expensive one piece models because the water in the tank flows into the bowl from a greater height and therefore has greater head pressure to accomplish a thorough flush. Another thing that separates cheaper gravity flush toilets from the more expensive ones is color. Color adds a lot to the price of a toilet.

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