Why is My Toilet Leaking?


If you have started to notice that your toilet is leaking, you may have to call someone to come in and take care of toilet repair for you to. That being said, why would it be leaking in the first place? Here are a few of the main reasons.

  • The tank has a hole or there is something loose. The tank is where most problems happen, mainly because it’s where most of the water is. Look around the tank. Is there a crack or hole? Are the interior flushing devices not placed securely?
  • The pipes going into the toilet are leaking. Pipes can rust and get old as time goes on, and they can cause a huge mess if they start to have leaks or other issues.
  • The toilet bowl has a problem with it. If you are starting to see that is leaking in certain areas of the base of the toilet, then there may be issues going on with the bowl. Look around and see if there are holes or cracks in it.

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