Why Should I Know Where My Water Turn Off Is?


If you have ever had a plumbing emergency of any sort, then you’ve likely had an issue where the water wouldn’t stop running or you couldn’t get the situation under control. Because of that, many people recommend that you know where your water turn off switch is. Why? Here are the main reasons.

It helps you to remain calm. It’s easy to get nervous when there’s water spilling and flying all over the place. So, by being able to turn off the main line, you can stop that and calm down a little; then you can clearly think about your next steps.

It prevents further damage from happening.  Flooding is a big issue and can end up causing hundreds, even thousands of dollars in damage. By knowing where the main line is and turning it off, you can prevent damage from getting worse, or even happening in the first place.

It makes it easier for the plumber to do his or her job. If the water’s off, then the plumber doesn’t have to try and wade through your basement to get to the right places so that they can fix your plumbing issue.

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